Are You Ready To Get On The Fast Track To Success This Year?

My Personal Success Coaching Program Will help you start making big money faster!

Only a very small group of qualified, motivated people will be selected to be part of my coaching program.

Why Do I need A Coach?

Let’s be frank, my friend. Do you sense that you’re not as successful as you could be? You know deep in your gut that you have the potential to make the leap into the land of the Giants who make big bucks, right?

But despite all your best efforts, it hasn’t happened for you.

If the “trial and error” process is getting you nowhere in real estate, well – welcome to reality. Most people don’t get rich quick in real estate, simply because it takes years to learn these ropes. You can keep trying to “bum” information from others, but few people will really give you quality information and guidance for free, right?

So what do you need reach your goals?

  • Knowledge, insight, advice and solutions
  • An experienced “sounding board” for your ideas and your deals
  • A way to stay focused on what’s really important and keep your strategic goals in the cross-hairs
  • A system that will open the doors to success

I can give you these things!

I can offer you insight, advice and solutions to your challenges, so you can turn a long, frustrating journey into a short, fulfilling one. We have “been there and done that.” You can learn the hard way or you can learn from someone with real experience and expertise — it’s your choice!

Get On Top of The Learning Curve — Fast!

It’s not called a “learning curve” for nothing! It is a steep climb to the top that many fail to make, and for those who do and go it alone, it’s a long, lonely climb.

Let me ask you a question… if someone could wave a magic wand and make you 10 years younger, but you would KNOW EVERYTHING THAT YOU KNOW NOW, how much would that be worth to you?

The answer is obvious- the value would be infinite!

Well, you can’t wave a magic wand, but we can do the next best thing- make your next few years INFINITELY more productive and valuable because you won’t have to spend years learning what we’ve learned! You can shortcut the process by using our experience to get you the results you want faster, and with less risk.

Remember. The longer it takes you to learn, the more opportunities you lose!

What Will Personal Coaching Do For Me?

Here’s what our students have reported as the top 10 benefits of their experience with me:

  1. Gaining knowledge faster
  2. Shorter learning curve
  3. Accountability for making things happen
  4. Confidence to make deals
  5. Leveraging on the experience of others
  6. Availability of help for analyzing deals
  7. Setting and achieving goals
  8. Avoiding costly mistakes
  9. Availability of professional resources
  10. Doing Deals!

And in the current market, with economic conditions shifting every day, the more help you have to navigate the changes — and take advantage of them— the better!

David Dweck Real Estate Investing Coach with clients in fornt of recently purchased investment property
David Dweck will Coach you to Real Estate Investing Success

Let David coach you through the entire process of finding, evaluating, negotiating, financing, purchasing and renovating an investment property and then either selling it or finding a high quality tenant.


Don’t Re- Invent the Wheel- Learn From The Experience of Others!

Successful people don’t get where they are by luck or by chance. They get there by working hard and learning from their mistakes. Experience comes from making mistakes, but in real estate you cannot afford to make big mistakes- the results are way too costly!

The good news is that with our coaching team, you can learn from our experience and apply our system to your own business instead of making mistakes again and again on your own!

A system is something that is proven, tested reliable and repeatable. A system is something that someone else has already done and found to be highly successful. And history and experience show this is the best way to bridge the gap from ideas and intentions to implementation and results in the shortest time, with the least amount of effort.

Here’s What Our Personal Success Coaching Program Will Do For You!

  • Help you get up the learning curve faster, and with less effort
  • Put more cash into your bank account
  • Eliminate the pitfalls of “trial and error” that are costing you money in lost or unprofitable deals
  • Keep you motivated and focused for success every day, week and month
  • Make this the best financial year of your life!

What we’re talking about is using what someone else has done that works, using what they figured out does and does not work. That is why franchises like “Subway” are so popular. People pay $100,000 or more for that system so they don’t have to spend years figuring it out. They are also willing to pay big bucks because a proven system means less risk for them.

The good news is that our system of Personal Success Coaching won’t cost you big bucks like a franchise. In fact, out training is a steal at ANY price, because you will make it back many times over in your first year!

Help is Just a Phone Call Away!

Whether you need a deal reviewed, a concept explained, or a second set of eyes on what you are working on, help is just a phone call or email away. You also can call my cell phone if necessary. Having someone who is experienced to help you through the process will take away your fear of making a mistake. In fact, more than half of our job as your coach is to make sure you don’t make a costly mistake!

There’s no substitute for experience, and we help accelerate the learning process by providing the experience you need to succeed!

Nothing Speaks More Loudly Than Success…

John Chenoweth headshotSince the mid 1990’s I have had many students succeed. All it takes is a burning desire and the willingness to do whatever it takes, being pleasantly persistent, and enjoying the journey to get to your desired result.

“David Dweck’s coaching and mentoring system showed me how to do it. How to create a permanent, positive cash flow system from real estate investing. When folks at church ask me what I have been doing for the past couple years, I tell them that I have been learning how to dig wells in the desert and plant money trees in the forest. In short, you have taught me:

  the power of financial leverage through hard money lending
  the power of leveraging my time by “writing checks”
  how to pick more ‘neutral’ color schemes
  how to implement asset protection schemes through the use of land trusts and LLC’s
  how to pick neighborhoods to buy and which neighbor “hoods” to avoid (‘John, can you take “Baby Doll” there?’)
  which rehab projects are suited to my experience and budget and which ones to walk away from

Finally through BRIC membership, you have taught me the most important lesson of all that! need to surround myself with a team of like-minded professionals (wholesalers, title, insurance, and lenders) as well as investors with similar goals. Without the proper support team, the best goals are only good intentions.”

John P. Chenoweth, REALTOR© 

Join people like: John P. Chenoweth, Jim Van Dyke, Diane Lashbrook, Lenny Taylor, Abel Perez, Jean Brunache, Phil Schaal, Leo Hatzihidiris, and so many others…

Want To Join Them? One Phone Call Can Change Your Life! Pick up the phone and take action now! It’s a winning decision!

Nearly 8 out of 10 real estate investors
wish they had started

Still with me? Good! If you are ready to move forward, if you are truly motivated to reach your full potential, if you have that burning passion to succeed and make your financial future solid, then call now to speak with me personally!

What to do Next…

At this time, we are only working with a limited number of students, and we only consider working with people who we feel are motivated to change their life. We do not want seminar junkies or excuse-makers!

Once the slots are filled, there will be a waiting list, so sign up right away if you are interested in being considered for my Real Estate Success Coaching Program.

Don’t Wait!

Don’t let a more ambitious person take your spot! Get Started Today!

Call (561)391-REAL (7325)
To speak with David Dweck


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