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Other David Dweck Companies

Real Professional Real Estate

As a licensed Realtor® I will help you find, negotiate and purchase your South Florida home or investment property. You can also learn more about Broward and Palm Beach County communities and search properties for sale.

I will also list and sell your investment properties or your personal home.

Private Equity Funding

Are you a new or experienced real estate investor looking for funds for your next project? Borrow money now for your next real estate deal from Private Equity Funding.

Are you looking for secure short term investments secured by South Florida real estate? Make a secured loan to one of our highly screened real estate investors.

Dweck Deals

Need to sell your South Florida home? Get a cash offer in as little as 24 hours!

At DweckDeals, I buy South Florida houses of every kind/in every condition and for every price. I can help you sell your home in as little as 14 days! It’s 100% FREE, and you’re under no obligation to sell your house once I’ve made an offer!

Boca Real Estate Investment Club (BRIC)

BRIC is an organization of, and for, real estate investors and professionals that I founded over 24 years ago. Our purpose is to assist our members in achieving their real estate investment goals by providing education, motivation and the opportunity to meet with others with similar interests and experiences.

Learn more about our programs and resources. Stay tuned for our 25th Anniversary Event 2-19-19.

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Limited Speaking and Consulting Availability

In order to ensure your success and the success of your event, David limits his number of speaking engagements and consulting clients.
Rock your real estate investment event and your real estate investments!